All About Caitlin (me) 🙆

So here's a pictures of me with a little crown emoji because I'm pretty great. (:

Well, I am ,what all my teachers call, a "social butterfly." Which basically means I'm ALWAYS talking..  

One of my favorite sports is track to be honest, I just recently tried it out and really enjoyed it. (I was a hurdler just like the girls in the video.)

I think I am a fairly smart girl. When it comes to school, I do my best and work my hardest. I set really high goals for myself as in grades and behavior. (I'm not the kid with a F by the way.)

Another thing I really enjoy is singing. Ever since I took choir in 6th grade, I really liked it and decided to stay and continue to honor choir.(The girl in the video is one of my favorite singers on vine.)

My dream job, ever since I was a little girl, is to become a teacher. I've always loved explaining things and just helping other people. I hope to attend U.T Austin for college.

Well that's pretty much it, thanks for watching! (:

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2 years ago

OMG this tackk is so cool!!!😍

2 years ago