CANADA By: Evan Childs

the flag of Canada

Name:The maple leaf flag

The flag is a symbol of the nations unity,for beyond any doubt ,the citizens of Canada.

adoption date:Feruary 15,1965


designed by,George f.g.

The Canadian stomp

The Canadian stomp is one of the most original dances for Canada.

made by, Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith

o Canada, national anthem

The national anthem of canada was written by Calixa Lavallée

the lyrics in english were writen by Robert Stanley in the year of 1908.

was adopted in July 1,1980


#1=the pacific ocean which is one of the bordering ocean of canada.

#2=Mount Caubvick one of the 288 mountains in canada.

#3=Cavendish beach is one of canadas most famous beaches.

fauna -animals  

Newfoundlands: are native dogs only to Canada.

Ora: only live in the coldest part of the pacific ocean.

Gannets: are a bird that live near the coast of Canada.

Puffins: are a relative of penguins.

Polar Bear: live in the coldest parts of Canada which are almost everywhere

Canadian Lynx: are exactly like regular lynx but they are only native to Canada.

Arctic Fox: are in almost any place where it is really cold and there is a lot of ice.


#1 Aquilegia canadensis=Size: Normally 20 to 30 inches. Leaf: Green to blue-green. Flower: Flowers 2 inches long. Fruit: Tan. Bloom Color: Red , Pink , Yellow

#2 Salal berries=Salal is an evergreen shrub that fruits in the shade! The scientific name is Gaultheria shall on. the size is 1-6 feet

#3 Canada thistle=scientific name is Cirsium ravens.the normal size is 1 m tall,3-.5m long

#4 mountain black cherry=the scientific name is Prunus serotina it grows to 610 mm

history of Canada

Wars fought in Canada: The Boer War and the First World War.

Monuments built in Canada:

Animals in War Dedication: The Animals in War Dedication honors animals that served alongside their human comrades in war.

Defense of Hong Kong Monument: The Defense of Hong Kong Monument, unveiled in 2009, honors Canadians who defended Hong Kong during the Second World War.

Never Again War, Monument to Peace and Remembrance: The Monument to Peace and Remembrance is located in Gatineau. Constructed of concrete, steel and granite.

the language of Canada   

French: In Canada they use french because Quebec is a french style province and simply adore the language, and many people that were born and raised in France immigrated to Canada/Quebec.

English: In Canada when Canada became a country with people living there.The people living there were immigrants from the United States and the U.S citizens were fluent in English.

people in canada

National Holidays:

New Years Day: January 1

Good Friday: Friday before Easter

Victoria Day: onday before May 25

Canada Day: June 1

Boxing day: December 26

First People: The natives from siberia.

people immigrated from: Germany,Scotland,Ireland,Italy,Ukrain,Holland,Greece,Poland,and Scandinavia.

country map

official name:Canada


bordering countries:United States

Canadas area and geography

The Canadian shield:Typically fetchers a lot of pine trees,lakes,and exposed rock.the shield covers about half of Canada.

area:3,855,102 square miles

latitude and longitude geographic center,60°N,95°W.

Highest elevation,19,551 ft

lowest elevation,sea level, along the coast

Canadas gouverment

Pariaentary  democracy and,confederation.

Head of government,prime minister

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