Nitrogen (7)


Nitrogen was discovered by Daniel Rutherford in 1772. The name was formed by the Greek names "Nitron" and "Genes" meaning Nitre forming. It's got the atomic numéro of seven, and also can carry seven professional tons of yellow bulldozers. The number of electrons is the same as the  the number of players on a quidditch team; seven. It has seven neutral (neutrons) relationships, and at its last weigh in, it was 14.0067 AMU's of FAT. It is colourless, tasteless, and odourless and makes up 78% of the air we breath in. The melting point of the nitrogen is -210C. The boiling point of nitrogen is -195.8C. It is a neutral gas. There is even nitrogen on Mars. It makes up 3% of the atmosphere there.

Why is nitrogen so important? Nitrogen forms the building blocks of proteins. We need proteins because they make up our skin and hair. The amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere is so great, that it adds extra mass to the air. When more mass adds to the atmosphere, it adds more pressure. Like when you put air into a tire, the pressure builds, and it inflates. Too little or to much pressure has a dangerous affect on us if we aren't protected. We also need nitrogen to get essential natural food we need farmers. Farmers require a big supply of nitrogen fertilizers to ensure high quality food. The nitrogen cycle also helps the plants grow.

Liquid nitrogen (LN2) is utilized as a refrigerant for freezing and moving food products far distances, for the sustination of bodies and reproductive cells (sperm and eggs), and for storage of organic samples. Nitrogen is a component in the manufacture of ammonia (NH3), subsequently utilized as fertilizer and to make nitric acid. Nitrogen is used in manufacturing stainless steel, so it's stronger and more resistant to corrosion.Nitrogen is used in the making of nitrous oxide (N2O)which can be used for surgery and dentistry as laughing gas (to get you high), or for rocket motors in race-cars and aircrafts. Nitrogen is also used to make Nitrogen Triiodide (NI3/ I3N) which is a highly sensitive explosive.

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