Apps in Education

Amy Lodermeier

EDMODO: Used in any grade to access the edmodo site for the class. Can be used to show students what their grades are and begin class discussions

POWER SCHOOL: Used in any grade to allow parents to see grade and attendance as well as progress and school announcements

LEARN FRENCH PHRASEBOOK: Used in grades four or five to help students with their French. Could be used as a free time activity or as a study tool for exams.

SIGHT WORDS GAMES/FLASHCARDS: Use in grades one or two or perhaps kindergarten. Used during centres or free time to let students get practice with their sight words.

FREE FLASHCARDS HELPER: Use in high school to let students create flashcards to quiz each other or study concepts and definitions.

PAINT: Use in lower grades during free or centre time to let students get practice using their fingers and with hand-eye coordination.

EASY WRITING: Use in lower grades, again during centre time or free time to give students practice writing. Can also be used to demonstrate how to print to students.

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