The Crazy Life of Patty Bergen

by: Layla Pettie 1st hour

In this book Patty will be finding herself an unexpected journey with someone she never thought she would fall in love with. This story shows a lot of how a young girl will fight for the one she wants even if it means the worst things might happen. The young girl Patty is making choices that might not be the best for her, for the outcome she goes to jail at a young age.

  • In the times of World war II, Patty finds herself falling in love with someone she knows she shouldn't.
  • Patty was abused by her father ,but the more Patty is with the German soldier Anton Reiker she knows she is safe with him.
  • During the story, Anton is a big secret in Patty's life, all she is trying to do is help Anton out and keep him in hiding from the FBI.
  • Anton is a soldier who met Patty in a least expected manner in the summer when Patty was walking past part of the prison camp.
  • Detective Pierce found Anton and killed him for being in hiding, therefore since Patty was helping Anton keep safe, Patty was taken to jail.
what a German soldier might look like
World War II
world war II

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