Raine Lang

My name is Raine Lang and I'm 14 years old.  I have a mom and dad as well as a younger brother.  I am a straight A student. Most of my time is spent playing soccer and hanging out with my friends.  I'm also involved in GSD's Drama Club.

3 Interesting Things


Soccer is my favorite activity to participate in.  I play for the Girard Varsity and JV soccer teams.  Most of my time is spent improving on my soccer skills.  I love to also follow professional soccer.  My favorite team is Philadelphia Union in the MLS.


I love listening to every type of music, except country.  I listen to music whenever I work out or have free time.  I also play the saxophone independently and sing for leisure or in theatrical performances.   

Video Games

Whenever I'm not playing soccer or listening to music you can usually find me on my PS3 playing FIFA 14 or GTA5.  Playing video games is a good way of getting my anger out.  I spend a good amount of time yelling at my TV when something goes wrong (which is quite often).


My goals at the moment are mostly soccer and school based.  One of my short term goals is to get straight A's throughout my freshman year at GHS.  I'm going to study harder than I ever have before to accomplish this.  A long term goal that I have is that I want to be captain for the Girard Varsity Soccer Team my senior year.  To reach this I'm going to practice my soccer skills until I am one of the best on the team.  Another goal I have is that I want to play college soccer when I enroll in college.  To do this I'll have to work to be one of the best soccer player in the state, which takes time and dedication.

Place To Visit

The place I want to visit is PPL Park in Chester, PA.  The park is home to my favorite soccer team Philadelphia Union.  It is such a beautiful venue; hopefully I can go watch a game sometime in the near future!

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