Technology Effects on Society

Such as Business, education, and Self

Technology had increased over the year to be a human everyday need. As technology increase so does it effect which cause our society to change. What kind of change am I trying to say? I'm saying the change in improvement of safety, the change in how someone contact each other, and also the increase in addiction toward technology.

Addiction toward Technology

The addiction toward technology is like being addicted to drug the more you use it the more you want it. Once addicted it be difficult to stop. This addiction may cause how one person would treat another. For example people would not say something to someone face to face but instead they would call or text since it for faster and easier when far distance. This may seem great at first and give a reason why technology help human and it may be OK for a person to just use technology instead of speaking to someone in person,but it may cause social problem. Some people can easily talk to a random person over text, but can't even say a word to them in real life.A reason for that is when someone on technology contact someone else they don't have to contact face to face but instead they get to contact digitally making conversation more easy and less awkwardly.

Technology Effect on Business

In Business technology effect in many good and bad way. One of the good thing cause by Technology is Instant Communication with client and not needing to have to fly over half of the Earth and talk to them in person. One of the bad thing Technology effect business is distraction from the noise made by a call of message. These noise may constantly be made causing it to be harder for the worker to focus on one task

Technology Effect on Education

Technology had effected education in many way. One is letting student have class online or catch up on work online. An organization that help make this true is Google Classroom. Google Classroom is made to let Student do lesson and project online, and is free.It easy to sign up,great to learn in, and give student a chance to catch up with the class even if the wasn't in class that one day.

Technology Impact on society

Positive Impact

  • Provide a mean to reduce stress
  • Enable user to interact with friend and family
  • stay up-to-date with the latest news

Negative Impact

  • User get addicted and overuse social network
  • Too much dependency is put on smartphone
  • Social problem in the real world
  • Problem in school

Technology Effect Where?

Technology effect the whole world to me.Why, because technology slowly increase all around the world,and as technology increase so does it effect.So technology to me effect the whole world

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