The Aijo

By: Noopur, Prisca and Gloria

"An Illustrated Guide to the World's Creation Myths." Smithsonian. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2015.

~Main characters of the story-   Iznami and Iznagi

~ This story takes place in Japan.

How the world came into being?

Izanagi and Izanami gave birth to eight main islands of japan and siz minor islands. Then they also gave birth to a variety of deities to inhabit those Island, including the sea deity , the deity of the seastraits and deities of the river, winds, trees and mountains. At last Izanami gave birth to the fire deity, she was burned badly she ended up dying.

Izanagi cried over Izanami and a deity was born from his tears. After burying Izanami, he used his sword to behead his son, the deity of fire because he was reasonable for killing Izanami. From the blood o the sword three deities of rock, two deities of fire, and one of water, which all were needed to make the sword. Soon eight dieties were arose from the body of Izanagi and Izanami's slain (died) son.

Izanagi went to the underworld to find Izanami, who begged him not to look at her. Izanagi looked at her anyway and found maggots were consuming her, these maggots were soon known as the eight deities of thunder. Since he looked at her she said that each day she will strangle 1,000 people of Japan. Today they believe that fifteen hundred children and one thousand people die each day.

Three of the deities 

Our Annotations For the Aijo painting-
~Two birds as the main focus of the picture
~There is a red surrounding the birds
~There is a blue background around the main picture
~The birds have large claws
~The birds are black and white
~The birds are facing away from each other


Water vs Desert- This shows how they separated the land from the sea.

Black- Shows how the death of Izanami, and the sacrifice she made for the creation of life.

Hero- Izanami and Izanagi because they created the deities and life

Blue- Represents the creation of the sea deities.

Re Analyze
~two birds facing away mean that they are in love but still separated or can’t face each other
~The man and the women "gave birth" to rivers, land and mountains, and the rest of the world.


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