5 Photo Story

Story By Mrs. Day Photos By Mrs. Riehle

“It was seriously the creepiest night of my entire life,” Scott put down his sandwich, and breathed deeply. “There I was, driving down the road, singing along to the radio, when I noticed the fog beginning to roll in.

At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I’ve driven through fog a lot. No big deal. RIght? But then, I noticed it was hanging over the cemetery by the river. In particular, over one section of the cemetery. And it didn’t move. Sun was shining in other places. But not there.”

Scott took another bite of his sandwich, another deep breath and began again.

“I stopped the car and got out. As I walked across the road, the fog became thicker. Sound ceased. No birds sang. No water babbled. No cars traveled down the road.

Complete and utter silence.

I turned and raced back to my car. And as I got in, I saw a young girl. Curled up in my back seat, staring into the fog. I couldn’t figure out where she came from. I looked around me for another car, for someone walking through the cemetery.


Nothing but fog and silence.

I got back in the car and turned around, intending to ask her name and where she was from. Only one problem.

She wasn’t there.”

Scott sipped on his drink and then went back to his sandwich.

“Wait!” I yelled. “Where was she? Who was she? You can’t leave me hanging like this!”

He looked up from his food and shook his head. “You’ll think I’m crazy.”

“No. No I won’t”

“Alright, but remember. I’m not imagining this.”

He settled back in his chair and began again.

“I got back out of my car and looked around. She was just a little girl. I didn’t want her run over or something. I looked everywhere around my car. Under it. Behind some trees. And then I looked across the road. I wished I wouldn’t have.

“Why? What happened to the little girl? Was she dead?”

“Yes. Well, no. Not the way you think?”

I was confused.

“You see, I walked across the road to see if she was there. I gazed into the fog. And she was standing, well, floating there in the fog.”

“Like a ghost?”

“Yes. Like a ghost. And then, she was gone. Just gone.”

“What happened then?”

“Nothing. The fog lifted and I got back in my car ready to get to the hotel and crash for the night. That took me forever, but that’s another story.”

“Why? What else happened?”

“Oh, nothing. Bridge was out on my side of the road. I had to wait for the pilot car to lead me across to the other side of the river.”