Faylinn Academy
 "A Place where dreams come true"  

"Here at Faylinn Academy, we believe that every student should be provided with their own path of the future. We believe students should be themselves, and be with other students that share their interest. We accept all types of people."

Our Campus has a 12.2 acre forests, located in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, England.  Our main building is the building above. It is a castle from the 15th century. Our building is based off of  castles from the England and Ireland. The entrance into our forest will have a garden tunnel. The building may look old, but is totally modern inside.

We teach grades 7-12. Our school is co-ed, so boys and girls can interact with each other. Our school is also a private, and has school dorms so students from all over the world can come and learn. The dorms will be organized by age and interest. Our school year begins in early September and end in late June. The school hours will be from 8:45 a.m and end 3:00 p.m.

The cottage above is our other classrooms that aren't located in the main building. We decided to have the cottages outside so you can be in nature, and be inspired no matter what you are doing. Here at Faylinn we have many different classes. Our classes are fit for all types of learners. The classes are Math, Science, Literature Classes, Social Studies, Languages, including Italian, French, and Latin, Advance Classes for 95 average students and above, and will have a state of the art Computer Lab.  Students can also make up clubs to join after school.

This is our green tunnel that will lead into our forest, which includes classrooms and sports fields.

The cottage above are the dorms for Grades 10-12. Grades 7-9 will live in the main building on the second and third floors. Our students will be spit up based on their personal interest. We will have manors. The manors will include art,reading/writing, drama, sports, music, and scholars.  The art will be called  

The Crests above are the crest of our six manors here at Faylinn. The six manors are Acacia,  Lotus, Zahara, Daffodil, Azelea, and Bluebell. A manor is a house of students that share the same interest. Students get into manors during the second year here. Our teachers and professors through out the year will look to see what the student is doing best in. Then at the beginning of their second year they are put into different manors with children of all different ages that share the same interest. The students in each manor will live together and hang out with each other. Even though there is an age differences between the children, they still have a lot in common.

Our Students will have to take a standardized test to get into Faylinn. They will also have to have good grades and great behavior.  Our students will have to speak English, but all students around the world will be welcomed at Faylinn. Our teachers will mostly be professors. They will help guide the students in their right path, and will be there if they need help in any way. Faylinn Academy is a family and warm environment for all. Our school can support almost 800 students. Our school can also support 25-30 teachers. We would know students are learning by having report cards and test at the end of each quarter. If students aren't leaning we will have tutoring for them. We motivate students to learn by having monthly games. Manor vs Manor. If your manor wins you get a special advantage for the next round and that those two week.

Location of Faylinn, the Lost Gradens.

The materials that are required by students are Mac Laptops or IPads. They will of course need notebooks, pens, pencil, rulers, protractors, and calculators. The will also need to buy uniforms and backpacks of course. Problems at Faylinn would be handled by  if a student did wrong he or she would have to help the staff in any way, like cleaning or helping professors, they would also have to attend dentation 2-4 times depending on how bad their behavior was. Each student will be trated will respect and honor. After all the students are the people of the future. Faylinn will be a school for all, and will be the best school and awesome school that ever was!

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