Career Research Project
Claire Johnson FBI/CIA Agent

Necessary Job Skills

-good problem solving skills

-communication skills

-able to work well with others

-logical with reasoning

Education Required

-4 year law degree as well as work experience in law

-4 year degree or a master's degree in accounting

-able to speak a foreign language

-16 weeks of training then a 1 year probation period

University of Wisconsin- Platteville (UWP)

The University of Wisconsin- Platteville is a medium sized college that is able to provide majors, activities, etc. that every person can enjoy. Tuition and other fees are at a reasonable price for someone attending UWP that has lived in or out of state. UWP also accepts students falling mostly in the "average" range of SAT and ACT scores. The three most popular majors at this school are engineering, agriculture, and security/protective services. Sports are important at UWP since the school is a part of the NCAA. Overall, UWP would be a great choice for any first time college student due to its wide variety of opportunities that it provides.

Words I Live By

"Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going." -David Rossi (Criminal Minds)

This is important in my life now because I know that whatever issue that I struggle with in my life, that it isn't going to matter by this time next year. It assures me that everything that happens to me is permanent and is supposed to happen, but it won't matter when I grow older, make new friends, and start my life all on my own.  

My Role Model

My role model is my great-grandpa. My great-grandpa was the definition of a best friend, a perfect person and an all around amazing human being. Although my great-grandpa passed away on November 17, 2007, he still impacts my life every day. If I were to describe my great-grandpa in one word, that word would be genuine. He always did whatever he told me to do in my life. In other words, my great-grandpa wasn't a hypocrite. He always told me that I would grow up to be a very successful and beautiful girl, no matter where my life would take me.

My great-grandpa would want me to share the confidence that he taught me with everyone in my life. I aspire to be like him and share the confidence as well as other aspects of life that he taught me. I know that no matter what I do in my life, he is and always will be my number one fan.

What It's Like to be an FBI Agent...

The FBI is not an easy job. Jack Owens, who started working for the FBI in 1969, knows all the pros and cons of being involved in this job field. Owens shares that he "loved how his job was never boring." Every day, week and month brought new experiences for Owens himself as well as the FBI team. On the other hand, Owens has been "truly scared on the job." Every case in a new experience that no one knows what to expect until the FBI team reaches and begins to investigate the crime. Working for the FBI is a time consuming and possibly detrimental job to be involved in. Working in this job field takes up and enormous amount of time and has been know to cause the employee to move to various cities across the country. Relationships have been known to be broken and never fixed due to the time and moving issue. Although there are many rules, regulations, and dedication of working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the job is still entertaining and easy to love if whoever aspires to be in this job position really does commit to it.


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