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More info about Jean Jacques Rousseau!

1.) Jean Jacques Rousseau's name is pronounced as John Jack Roussou.

2.) Jean Jacques Rousseau had a brother named Francois who ran away from home when Rousseau was still a child.

3.) At the age of 16, Jean Jacques Rousseau left his birthplace Geneva, Switzerland for Annecy,  France. In Annecy, Rousseau had many jobs.  He worked as a tutor, a secretary, a music teacher, and a copyist.

4.) When Jean Jacques Rousseau was 28 years old, he worked as a tutor for M. de Mably's two sons in Lyon, France.

5.) Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote for the opera.  He wrote pieces like Les Muses Galantes, Les Amours de Bastien et Bastienne, and he also composed Le Devin du Village.

6.) Jean Jacques Rousseau was the personal secretary of the French ambassador of Venice, M. de Montaigu in 1742.

7.) Therese Lavasseur was Jean Jacques Rousseau's fiancee. They had five children, all of which were  sent to orphanages. Therese and Rousseau only got married near the end of his life.

8.) Aside from Emile and The Social Contract, Jean Jacques Rousseau also published a book about the goodness of human nature.  This book is called "The New Eloise." It was probably one of the the most widely read works during Rousseau's day.

9.) Jean Jacques Rousseau took the pen name Renou upon his return to France.

10.) Jean Jacques Rousseau also contributed to the growth of democratic nationalism. He saw people as the true foundations of a nation.

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