China's Dynasties

The Han Dynasty

Amy Ngo


The invention of paper was important because this improvement on China and the world today because paper is a necessity for everybody in the world. People use paper to write letters, to write books, to draw. Paper is career to people like artist. Paper may have helped China back then by allowing messengers and ordinary people to send letters to other people . They could even have put announcements up on paper for everyone to see, like taxes or important news.

Salt and Silk

The production of silk was an advancement to China because it was very valuable in trade with people outside of China. The production of salt was also very important because it was valuable back then to preserve meats and vegetables. The Chinese dug deep wells using iron-tipped bamboo drills, when they reached salt water (sometimes 1,000 feet below the surface), a hollow bamboo pole was dropped into the well. The pole had a valve that allowed salt water to enter the pole, the valve was then closed and brought back up with the salt water inside. Workers would put the water in pots and evaporate the water, leaving the salt behind.


Bureaucracy is a form of government to where one has to respect another above him/her. There are few on the top and many at the bottom. This is related to Confucianism, Confucianism teaches to respect your elders and obey them. Bureaucracy enforces Confucianism by respecting those with a more important job above you. Bureaucracy was important because it kept everything organized and nobody was agonizing the thought of it. Bureaucracy kept things fair and people happy.

Civil Service Exam

A civil service exam is where a person takes an exam to evaluate his/her ability to work and prove he/she can still be able to do his/her job. This helped China before because if someone was no longer able to accomplish anything in his/her job this would bring others down too. This also helps people today because some people lie and they need to prove they still have the ability to do his/her job.

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