Class (Taxonomy) Project

Lauren Monique February 12, 2015 Biology 3rd Period

Birds are from the Animalia Kingdom which means they are eukaryotic, multi-cellular, they have sexual reproduction & they are heterotrophic meaning they absorb energy from food it takes in. Birds are characterizes as living because : they are made up of cells, have DNA, reproduce, grow & develop. They also obtain and use materials & energy.

There are over 1000 species of birds. Because birds change so much over time their species changes on their taxonomy chart as well. Ex. Not all birds fly; the ostrich (largest bird & also runs 97mph). For the birds that do fly, they have hollow bones which help them do so.

Some birds are land birds and some are marine birds such as the seabirds. About 20% of birds migrate long distances yearly. They are migrating for shelter from cold weather, food & mating.

Classification of birds broken down :

Kingdom - Animalia , Phylum - Chordata , Class- Aves , Order- over 23 different orders , varieties of different families, genus, & species

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