Elizabeth Grant Civil War Journal  

By Giselle Tellez

Journal #1 Who are you?

Dear Mom,I'm going off to war to fight with the Union. I'm excited to see what it like to be a soldier . I will  lean how to hold and shoot a gun and practice beaning a soldier. I'm going to war to let the slaves be free.

Journal #2 (Bio of your life leading up to the war) (Describe in DETAIL what you did in your life, who you were, if you were married, talk more about your kids, what you did for fun)

Hi, My name is Elizabeth Grant. I live in a brown mansion with my small family It has lots of rooms and bathrooms we have maids and  drivers. We don't have any slaves my family and I are against slaves we dissed to have Maids, Chiefs,  drivers, and bucklers instead of slaves. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister and a cousin that like a sister to me I would always tell her everything. I live with my mother I help her a lot shes a single mother I don't know my dad at all my mother never told me anything about him or what happen to i don't even know if hes alive or dead bus she wouldn't answer. Im going off to fight for the union it was a hard choice if i should of stayed home with my family or go off to war.

Journal 3

 Dear Mom, I met this boy name Jeremiah he left to the southern army with his brother to fight for the country. He went off to the west and and south with the union.

Journal #4 Dear, Lucy

I was looking out the window and i saw the soldiers marching down the hill with the beat of drums. They were up all night learning how to be a soldier. The soldiers had to stand up straight chest up heels straight when the soldiers were done doing all the practice they still had to go back and do their chores to keep them busy. The chores that the soldiers had to were cleaning their tents, building pathways of pine logs, tending to horses,repeating,equipment and gathering firewood and water they also had the soldiers took turns guarding the camp and helping with construction of forts around Washington.  

Journal #5 song: I wish I was in the land of the union Old times there are not forgotten; Look here ! Look here ! Look here ! the Union land. In the Union land where I was born in Early on one sunny mornin’ Look here ! Look here ! Look here ! the Union land. Then I wish I was in the Union , ole! ole! In the Union land I’ll take my stand. To live and die up north. Away, Away, Away up north in the Union land , Away, Away, Away up south in the Union land ,


These are goober peas one of my favorite foods

Dear, Brothers I just wanted to write about things i do for fun I play cards with the other solders I hunt for food I write letters to you guys and friends i write songs and i eat goober peas.   

journal #7 Dear, cousin ive been working hard. we have lots of bad injures and people dying. sometime we try putting the soldiers to sleep but it didn't always work so then we had other nurses come to grave them so they wont move. A lot of soldiers die because of derriere.

journal #8 Going home: Im finally home with my family it feels good that im home. I came home safe nothing happen to me. iv gotten sick but it wasn't that bad that it could cause death, I got sick by eating row horse meat it wasn't good at all but there wasn't anything else i could of ate. I have diced to stay stay home with my family instead of going off to war to fight.

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