Mr. Pitt's Summer Adventure

Ancient Rome

This is a picture of the Colosseum!

Our theme for Summer Adventure is Ancient Rome!  We have been learning about the daily life of ancient romans, their educational system, and the Roman Army!  I LOVED learning about how their educational system was very different from our system.  Additionally, I enjoyed hearing about the ancient romans wore tunics and togas.  A fun fact that I learned is that one wealthy romans wore togas.

Elective #1

My favorite elective was Math Arcade with Mr. Pitt!  I enjoyed this class because we got to explore many different math games that we could access on our Chromebooks!  One game that I was delighted about was the Prodigy game.  I was able to score so many points!

Elective #2


Elective #3

My third elective was Math Arcade!  In this class, we played some pretty cool math games online.  One of my favorites was FunBrain!  This website allows viewers to play engaging math games and also some playground games.  

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