Frank Thompson or more known as Sara Emma Edmond was born in 1841. Her father was not pleased with her because she was a girl and her father wanted a boy to work on his crops. but Sara soon showed that she could do a mans work. She was forced to mary a man she did-int love. But she dressed up as a man to ask ape it. She soon crossed from Canada to the U.S.A, and settled in Flint Michigan. He tried to join the army 4 times before she could be in it. She worked as a nurse and a mail carrier. she was in the battle of bull run and fair oaks pulling wounded men out of the battle field. One night a captain asked for her to go into the Souths base to find out about there attack plan officorce she said yes longing to doe something else than a mail carrier. She dressed up as a slave for her first mission which was dandres because most slaves would be treated badly or killed. She worked in the base and found out about fake cannons, and the position of the weapons. She ask-aped and reported to the caption. Sadly she died in 1898 of malaria, and was buried in the Washington cimitary in Houston.

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