College... a time for people to think it's away from the parents, a time to drink, a time to go party.  But that's not what college is all about, it's about getting an education and becoming something of yourself.  I always thought about going to college.  I always had the dream of becoming a veterinarian.

But once I started dating my boyfriend, I never wanted to go to college.  I'll be honest, I was in that new puppy love stage for the first year, but now, I want to go because I want to become more.  I guess I was afraid to lose him, but now, college is my only friend.  I just applied at NIU and University of Wisconsin- Parkside, both schools to which my uncles and aunts went to.  The school I got into-- CLC.  I'm going to try CLC for 2 years and then going to NIU or Parkside.  I honestly feel so happy that I got into CLC, I know it's community college, but it's a start.. It doesn't matter what college someone goes to, just the satisfaction that one is getting a start on the college path.