week 28 + 29


Technically, we are at week 30 as of yesterday but I've been slacking again so I am pretending we are still at week 29. :) But dang, time is flying! I have said it before but it's slightly freaking me out now. At Michael's this week there was Christmas stuff everywhere - Christmas! I know a lot of you will roll your eyes at this thinking it is way too early but in my mind it means the clock is ticking! 76 more days to be exact. We have been making some progress on our house projects with new wood laminate floors on the first floor, the nursery coming along and our baby showers right around the corner. I am super excited for a month of showers and fall fun that is coming up. I'm very lucky to have so many thoughtful and generous women in my life - shout out to all my hostesses! Maybe we'll name the baby after you....maybe.

Feel free to check out a tackk of some of our maternity photos here. It's pretty crazy how much the bump has grown since early September. It's just been a month but I officially cannot wear my non-maternity t-shirts. I look like a beer gutted hillbilly so only Eric is lucky enough to see me at my best.

Speaking of progress, Tackk has grown and changed over the last month! You can now follow my tackkboard and me as a user. If you sign up for an account you will see all my tackk updates on your follow feed. You can also view all tackks, tackkboard and CREATE a tackk on your phone or tablet. YIPPEE! Check out all the new features, the About Tackk section and all the other good stuff. Then tweet and facebook and share the hell out of your own tackks. I am pregnant and in pain and not sleeping, do you really want to not honor my wishes!?

nursery prints + crib sheet