Assignment #3 Book connection

Arlene create hope by passing on their culture and language from elders to younger generations. She worked hard to keep her culture and beliefs. She get involved in culture events and a Hoocak speaker. She's a apprentice of the master/ apprentice program and teach Hoocak language to students. She's proud to be a Native American.

Book Connections

• They are proud to be a Native American.

• They keep their culture and beliefs.

• Arlene and coach teach something to people.

• They both speak 2 languages.

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3 years ago

Arlene creates hope in her community and the three main connections to the book are culture, beliefs, and speak 2 language.

3 years ago

Tang, you need to be more specific about the way Arlene creates hope in her community. What specifically does she do. Also, your connections are too vague. Is education important to Arlene? What about to Junior? Arlene says in the beginning of the video that she feels that here "ancestors are cheering her on." Do you think Junior might feel the same way?