Giovanni Da Verrazzano

By: Fabrizio Caruso 4-407

Early Days

   Giovanni Da Verrazzano was born in 1545 in Val Di Greve, Italy. During his life he was sent to the king of France to serve him. He was a navigator and an explorer. Verrazzano expected many troubles, failures, and some successes. That is how he became a explorer and a navigator..

Voyages and Routes

Verrazzano started sailing at around 1507. He made several voyages. His most famous voyage was the voyage of 1524. His voyage was to Cape Fear, New York Bay, and to Narragansett Bay. He found many places as a navigator. About a few a few weeks after he found that place as a navigator, he set out and tried to explorer. Most of time he failed but there were times when he found that new place.

Final voyage, Death

Giovanni Da Verrazzano's 3rd discovery voyage was his last. When he enter a new place he was killed and eaten by the natives. The year was 1528. Today, he has a statue in Val Di Greve, Italy to honor his famous discoveries and voyages he made in his life.

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