"Saint Michael the Archangel protect us from the wickedness and snares of the Devil"

Pope Leo XIII - 1636

I believe in the almighty creator that is so massive that mortal people can not talk to him directly and the holy saints must pass on our message,
the lack of a government that controls more that the basic needs of a nation,
the most respect you can give must be earned not given ,
that love is something that can not be rushed our created but is there all along,
that arts and culture of a people is far more important than science facts,
But i do not believe in the theory that the world was created by a explosion that was created by nothing.
I believe in minimalist regime,
I believe in the catholic church and its followers,
I believe in the life after death,
Faith, brotherhood, fellowship,

And I believe in the the great saint who drove the evil souls out of heaven and sent them to the depths of hell who's prayer protects us from the wickedness and snares of the devil himself Saint Michael.

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3 years ago

For people that do not know the minimalist regime is a third party political group that believe that the people should run a larger amount of the country than the government