New Zealand

~Continent- Oceania

~Imports: $35.65 , Exports:$37.73 billion

~Electricity- voltage:230/240

~Languages- English, Maori , and New Zealand sing language.

~Population: 4.433 million

~Capital city: Wellington

~Natural hazards: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,floods, landslides,Tsunamis,

~Best time to travel to country: anytime of the year is a good time to go visit New Zealand because its very warm there.

~Time in country compared in ks: it is like 7 hour difference

life expectancy: 81.16 years

~Climate: cool temperatures to warm temperatures with a strong maritime influence

~Costs of things: apples $2.32 , cup of coffee $4.00, movie ticket is $12-20 dollars

Pair of jeans $60- 200 dollars

~Currency: New Zealand  southwestern Pacific ocean  

~Exchange: 0.83 us dollars

~Name of national anthem: God Defend New Zealand

''God defend New Zealand , Peace ,not war shall be our boast  But, should foes assail our coast,Make us then a mighty host,God defend our Free Land.Lord of battles in thy might,Put our enemies to flight,Let our cause be just and right ,God defend New Zealand.'


~Religions: Hindus , Buddhists , Muslims , Sikhs, and Jews as well as Christians

~People groups: European remained the largest of the major ethnic groups.

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