Letter of Expectations

Introduction to Special Education - Spring 2015


1. What do you think this class is all about?

I think this class is about introducing the vast and diverse needs of students that are identified as benefiting from a "special education".

2. What do you hope to learn during this class?

I hope to learn to recognize and assess students that have special education needs. I also hope to understand how to optimize these students' learning and be able to work in cooperation with their family and other professionals that can aid these challenged learners.

3. Do you have preconceived notions about Special Needs Learners?

I think that special needs students are defined by their limitations. Special needs are  commonly measured by what the student cannot do, rather then directing them towards enhancing the skills they do have.

4. What do you plan to do to be successful in this course?

Beyond staying on schedule and organized, I plan to experience as many special needs learning situations as I can, I plan to absorb as much personal knowledge from experienced Special Needs Teachers, and I plan to learn protocol and procedures related to special needs students' learning environment.

5. What are your expectations for yourself as a student? As a future teacher?

As a student, I expect to be educated on the multiple classifications of special needs learners and I expect to learn how to properly conduct myself when involved with a special needs students education.

As a future teacher, I expect to understand the appropriate short and long term goals of a variety of special needs diagnoses for the different learning levels or ages. I expect to be able to know how to help special needs students directly and by being able to offer or identify the services available to that student.

6. Will the kind of student you are now reflect on the type of teacher you might become? Why or why not?

Yes, I do believe and hope that the kind of student I am now will be relfected in the kind of teacher I become. I value organization, planning, and thoroughness for the things I work on, as well as appreciation, compassion, and achievement for the people I work with. I hope all of these attributes carry over into my professional career in education.

7. What issues will you face in your journey to become a teacher? How can this class help you overcome these issues?

I will face the issue of being overwhelmed with the vast number of programs, services, mandates, protocols, procedures and laws that are applicable in the classroom, school and community concerning students. I feel there is so much to learn and so much to experience that I am nervous that I will not be able to effectively manage all the responsibilities that today's teacher has. I hope this class can ease some of my anxiety by providing me with a solid foundation in the understanding of the special needs students.

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