Learning to Teach
Day 40: Graffiti and Something New

Today's lesson was a review day for the test on psychological disorder. I had mainly planned this lesson around the use of what is known as Plikards. Where students have little cards that I print out and depending on the way the students turn the card. The picture will represent A, B,C, and D. I knew I had to come up with another active to fill up the time.
To try and incorporate more movement in the class, I looked up activity call Graffiti Wall. Now I don't have enough white board space where students could do this activity so I had 5 sheets of paper with 5 questions pertaining to the essay and short answer questions they would find on the test. The students install had to draw 3 things to answer the question. I also timed them to 5 minuets per question. Then when the 5 minuets were up, the students stood and walked to the next table and drew more things to answer the questions. At the end the students returned to their original seats and had to write about what was different on their Graffiti sheet.

Then it came time to the pilkards. I found out through the use of them, that while they are a good way to review, they are not really for a whole review game. One reason is that while I gave the incentive that the person with the most answer right got bonus points, there was a lack of competition because the students didn't really see who was ahead, unlike other review games we have played. The pilkards are good for a quick summative activity or even something to break up lectures with.

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