Graphic Design Mini-Project

What is it?

These two pictures are for the game I created for my game called Winning Simulator 2015. The first picture is cover art and the second picture is a logo for the game.

How does it work?

I used the top picture in my game as a kind of tittle screen. It is the first first thing you see in the game. The second picture is a logo for my game. This would be used as a desktop icon.

What resources did you use while making it?

I used Inkscape to create both of my pictures for my video game. I made my game using Google Forms.

What is the next step?

The next step for me would be to create more artwork for my game. I could have an image for each page. I could also extend the length of my game. This would make room for more artwork.

Were there any problems while making it?

One problem I had whole making these images was getting the words the exact same color. I solved this problem by entering a code for the color (e22fc5ff). My other problems had to do with he snake. To make the sides of the snake the same I duplicated them and then added two lines at the ends to create my outline. The next problem I faced while creating my snake was the stripes on the snake were originally over the edge of the snake. I fixed this by adding white lines that were overtop of the parts of the stripes that were over the edge of the snake. These lines were the same color as the background so they could not be seen. One last problem I faced was that the tongue was over top of my snake. To fix this problem the first thing I did was create another layer below the one that my snake was on. Next, I selected my tongue then moved it down to the layer below. This made it so the snake is always overtop of the tongue when they overlap.