What can be done to stop Religious Persecution ?

When we think of religion we think of an almighty creator of life.  A God perfect in every way, we think of the beliefs, and of course the believers. In the past, and present we see this mix boil bad. causing destruction and pain across nations.

Oh what can be done.

Beyond Gods and Monsters

Humans have had a hard time accepting others differences. Ether its ethnicity, size, disabilities, and, yes, religion.                                                                                                           In the first article we are told that not only our beliefs but the beliefs themselves are what cause religious persecution. The ways of religion has caused us to judge to believe something wrong. It clouds our minds and were to busy letting it to push it away.

The Real God Wars

For example, their are some, dare I say, idiots who believe their given religion will be the 'dominant religion' (D.A.) . Wither your religion is dominant, or not, it doesn't necessarily mean its the true religion or is better than any other religion, still other people fight over which has a better God(s). From the torching of dormitories to the bombs at tube, people have exterminated societies and eradicated countries, and for what a God who may or may not be there?

Religion and Politics

Then their are even bigger idiots who believe religion and politics can be an actual thing. We've  seen this in the past. A destructive government because the church int playing fair. Putting people against what is right. For fellow Christians, we see it when the Islamic church act in the crucifying of Jesus, Christ. The church is a powerful thing that has real gain on the people. Most churches, or anyone for that matter, can't help them selves when it comes to Power.

Killing in the name of God is an aberration

                               Aberration- a departure from what is normal.

I'm going to take a slight departure and settle my attention on killing. Scandalous. Yes, to get something you want by making another die? Its a big step away from are friendly Christians and Muslims, but as time passes these two things are beginning to collide, knowing each other all to very well. As you may believe, one of the the most popular reason for hate crimes is religion, of those religions Jews are the most targeted.

In Conclusion,

If we do not change the way we think about peoples religion that something like the holocaust, shown in the pictures above, could happen again. The killing of innocents. The Murdering of an entire religion. Toppled. Gone. Total obliteration. And for what cause they wear a funny hat, long hair, long dresses? Branded as the country 'problem'.                 We have seen it with colored and we see it again. With the mind set of our society these days how can we accomplish any thing if we don't accept?

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