Mission to the moon

"I put up my thumb and it blotted out planet Earth"

Neil Armstrong

Project Mercury

Project Mercury was the first U.S. program to establish human presence in space. The project first started in 1958. There were 7 spacecrafts and each one carried on astronaut.  The goals were to

To succsessfully orbit a manned spacecraft around earth

To recover both occupant and spacecraft

To investigate humankind's ability to function in space

The project ended in 1963.  it spanned twenty unmanned developmental missions involving test animals, and successful missions completed by six of the seven Mercury astronauts. All there names were Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, Gordon Cooper, and the 7th Deke Slayton

Project Gemini

Project Gemini was the second human space flight program initiated by the U.S.A. It's first flight out of ten took place in 1965. The objectives of Gemini were:

To gain astronaut experience with long duration flights

To Perfect methods of reentry and landing the spacecraft

To study the effects of weightless on astronauts during long flights

Project Gemini ended in 1966 and it was a sucsess. Even If it had crashed it was still considerd a sucsess so they could see what they did wrong and fix it

Fun fact!!! Project Gemini was named for the crew of 2 astronauts flying aboard each Gemini space craft!

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 launched on July 16th 1969. The 2 men that first step foot on the moon were Buz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins. The main goals were to.....

Develop mans capability to work in luner  envorment

Carrying out a program in scientific exploration of the moon

The project ended in July 24th 1969 and it was considerd a sucsess

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