February Conference

Grace Moroney


In SRI my score was 968.I believe that I did great in that because I have been practicing at home.But I can practice reading out loud.My over all I got 9 out of 12 on our vocab  review. And 7 out  of 10 in dust of snow and 8 out of 11 on Dust of snow.


In writing I got a 3  for my News ELA  and  I got a 3 on my settlers and Indians .I  got a 3 on my Colorado persuasive SA .So I can also work on my spelling.I did great on my ideas I just need to write about an interesting topic.


In math I scored 8 out of 10 on long division .I can changed that by practicing at home.I scored 3 out of 5 on multiply and divide with 0 and elapsed time.I also got 1 out of 5 on unknown numbers in an equation . And I  scored 4 out of 4 on fractions greater,less,and equal to 1 half. Also 5 out of 5 on add and subtract fractions.  Lastly 9 out of 10 on  reducing fractions into simplest terms.

Social studies

In social studies I have been enjoying learning about the indians and Colorado history also economics.Because I like to learn about these topics. I got 22 out of 30 on my goods and services test.  I can slow down!  And I am most excited about studying fossils.


I am good at getting things out quietly and quickly.But sometimes I get distracted and talk a lot!

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