Frederick Douglass
Writing Prompt

Describe a time you worked really hard at something. How did it make you feel? Did you accomplish something? Tell the story. Please write at least two paragraphs (3-5 sentences in each paragraph).

When I was a freshman in college I took a class with Professor Mitchell. He was old and cranky. It was a literature class and we had to read from an anthology. It was the size of four books and had those super thin pages like in the bible. We read a ridiculous number of pages in that book--maybe a fourth of the anthology in half a semester. Then we had our midterm.

For our midterm, Professor Mitchell told us that we would have to spell all the names of the writers correctly and the titles of their works. He also told us that he would give us a line from a poem or short story that we had read and we would have to identify the author and title of the work. We had read over 50 poems, short stories and essays. I studied more for that test than I had ever studied in my life.

I got an A.