How were planes used in WW1?

By Adrian Tipton and Nik Flores

Planes flying in WW

In WW1 brave soldiers didn't only fight on land but also in the air with planes. The planes were used to bomb the enemy troops. Also, they threw grenades from the air to gas the soldiers in the trenches. As well, planes were also used for spying to get enemy Intel,so they could ambush the enemy. To conclude, planes were very helpful in WW1.

What were the ages of soldiers?

Soldiers marching in WW1

There were many brave soldiers in WW1 if you were very brave you could join the army at 17 even, but women could not join. In America during WW1 you could join the army at 17 through 45. Also, in Germany you could join at the age of 18. Similarly, in France you could join at 18. Thus, many old and young died in WW1.

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