China Profile

Country Name:China

Capital:Beijing China

Population:1.3 billion

Type of Government:Communist state, single one party state, and socialist state

Leader’s Name:Xi Jinping

Type of Economy:They have a Socialist economy but the allow some Capitalism

Type of Currency:Renminbi China, Currency

Currency compared to the dollar: 6.11 Chinese Yuan

Country’s GDP per capita: 6,807.43 USD (2013)

Country’s GDP Rank in the World:They are second rank in the world.

Literacy Rate:China's literacy rate is 95.

Life Expectancy M/F:75.20 years (2012)

Official Language:Standard Mandarin

3 Tourist Attractions (Give description on what you can do there):3 good tourist attractions in China are the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and Li River

3 Important Historical Events that happened in this country (Give date and explanation on what happened:1) the finding of communist one party state in 1921. 2) the CPC held its Seventh National congress in 1945.3) The war to resist u.s aggression and aid Korea.

Current Event (What is an issue taking place in the country today):Some issue that are taking place in China are there one child policy because people are leave some of there baby girls in the street. Why they are leaving them on the street is because they want to have a boy. The boy can carry on the last name in the family and the girl can't.

Do you feel your country’s economy is successful? Yes because they make a lot of things for the work and have a lot of money.

What is one company located in your country?Foxconn is one company in China. Where it is located at Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.,.

Describe what this company does. What the company does is it makes blackberry, iPads, iPhones, Kindle, play station 4, Xbox 1, and Wii U.

What could your economic do to improve their economy? They could change there working conditions because it is not very good and the employees don't like it.

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