Market economy is where the people choose what to produce,whom to produce for, and how much to produce.For example I choose to produce 500 eggs but, I choose to put 200 eggs for sell.

Command economy is where the government chooses for you what to produce, how much to produce, and for whom to produce.For example, the government says to you to make 400 milk cartons and put 100 of them on sale.

mixed economy is where the people and the government choose what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce.For example you choose to make 100 caramel blocks and the government puts out 50 for sale.

traditional economy is where you make your own towels and food and etc.You also buy some things that you can't make.for example i make 10 towels and sell 5, i use the money i made and bought some toilet paper.

The embargo is where you cut off all connections with a country.For example the usa cuts off all trade with China.

Tariff is where you put tax on certain goods.For example I put taxes on bananas that go to hawii.

Quota is where you it a restriction on how many goods you can buy.For example you can only buy three bed springs.

Nigeria is a federal republic.

South Africa has famine, educational problems, and corrupt governments.


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