Northern Nigeria

Its on the boarder of Northern Guinea and also boarders the Lake called Lake Chad.

Agricultural sustainability is the Northern Nigeria economy. They crop and they herd animals.

Nigeria people working in the fields.

The Nigeria culture is Pidgin English is also used in casual conversation, this is a mixture of English and Nigerian words. This is there 5th population they have made.

Northern Nigerian Culture having a little fun:)

The Northern Nigeria Ethic groups the  population is very huge it diverse as it is large, with some 250 ethnic groups.

Ethnic Groups in white, blue, purple, red, and of course pink.

Western Nigeria

Its capital was Ibanda  which was the capital of the old region. The population is very high in this part of Nigeria.

The Economy

The Economy of Western Nigeria Nigeria is a middle income, mixed economy and emerging market.

The culture of Western Nigeria

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