Taco Tienda

Jacklyn Drewry 10-1-13

My business is called Taco Tienda and we sell premium street tacos. We make multiple kinds of delicious tacos to sell. We sell both chicken and pork tacos.


I won't be able to make more than 1,000 tacos in total a month. I can't spend more than $1,000 in the start up months


c= # of chicken tacos, p= # of pork tacos

p≥0, p≤1000

c≥0, c≤1000

c + p ≤ 1000

.75c + 1.25p ≤ 1000

Cost and Selling Prices

The production cost of a single chicken taco $.75. The production cost of one pork taco is $1.25. I can sell a chicken taco for $1.50 and a pork taco for $2.75.

Profit v.s. Costs

c= # of chicken tacos, p= # of pork tacos

Cost= .75c + 1.25p

Sell= 1.50c + 2.75p

Profit= sell- cost

Profit= (1.5c- .75c) + (2.75p- 1.25p)

Profit= .75c + 1.50p

Maximized Profits

(0, 800) P=.75(0) + 1.5(800), P= 1,200

(1000,0) P=.75(1000) + 1.5(0), P= 750

(500, 500) P= .75(500) + 1.5(500), P= 1,125

I will maximize my profits by making 800 pork tacos a month.

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