A sacrifice that will be remembered

My name is Aaron, I am a fighter of the tiger eye army. I am 12 years old and I drink, smoke, have sexe and kill. It has been my routine for the past few months and I am starting to like it. Every day, our group leaders teach us new things about life and show us how to efficiently kill our ennemies: the state representant. Last night we went into a Guerilla against a big cargo going to the capital, we killed all of them and took all the reserves. It was pretty fun, I achieved a new kill record, 3 in one batlle, my master was really happy about my achievement. Even more happy then when he forced me to kill my parents with a machete. I also used to cried every time I looked at my parents body they hang on the camp walls , but I don't cry anymore;I am a stronger man. This group permit myself to become a more indpendant and mature man. I am doing this enregistrement so people will remember my bravor and the sacrifice I made for my group. Tomorrow I'll be sent as a suicide bomber to the capital with five other brothers and we will destroy as much structures as we can; I am really happy to do that, because it is a privilege here, in the tiger eye group, to die for our good cause. Even though I am scared of dying, I know that after all that I will be sent to heaven, because our supreme leader gave me his benediction. Please if your recieve this message, show it to all the people you know, so everyone will remember that it was me, Aaron son of Qamar, who explode the whole capital and free the people of Ouganda from our bad government.

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