Myths around us

What do you think, do you know how to learn?

We are start a new schoolyear. You become a 5 grader! It's a new teachers, a new subjects and much more very interesting adventures.

I wonder, what do you think about your learning. Please, answer 3 questions.

Do you agree with the following statements? Press "Yes", "No" or "Maybe" below.

Good learners always begin their learning sessions with excitement and enthusiasm for what they are about to do.

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You should put as many things as possible on your daily task list in order to motivate yourself to accomplish more. Keep practicing the easy material instead of focusing on the harder material because it's more comfortable to do this and will help you to enjoy your learning more

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"Intense repetition," where during one short period you intensely repeat as often and quickly as you can something you are trying to learn, is an excellent way of lodging something into your memory.

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And where is true?

All of this sentenses are myth!

see this short video

Imagine: your knowleges is a big, very large cake.

It's so huge, that just does not fit in your head ^.-)

How to cope with it?

Year! Chanking!

And how to get the most benefit from it?

Yes, you need to diversify the menu!

and more...

You're need a physical activity and a fresh air.


Once you're repeated several times in one session, it's better to wait a day before repeating again. Repeating over several days is a better approach to getting something into long term memory.

Space out study sessions with smaller bits of information to be mastered in each session.

After all, even the most delicious food can become boring if you eat it four times a day for a week.

To better remember

use the associations and mnemonic rules.




Visualize it!

Traning on air



Associations and mnemonics

Tell me

which of the idea above is the main for you?

I want you to learn more...

I am sure we will succeed!

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