Vaccines Do Not Pose a Threat

           Many people think that vaccines are a threat to their health and that vaccines may cause very harmful diseases and disorders. This is completely untrue and there are several amounts of evidence that disprove this believe. There have been hundreds of studies done to show that there is no link between vaccines and other diseases and vaccines are a better good than a bad.

           There is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause harmful diseases or any disorders. A lot of parents believe that vaccines cause autism because they often first notice the behaviors of autism when their child is 18-24 months old which is the age by which most childhood vaccines have been given. Because of this, many parents incorrectly associate vaccination with the onset of autism but there have been many studies done. In fact, the Institute of Medicine is an impartial group of the world's leading experts that advises Congress on science issues and after  reviewing more than 200 studies in 2004 and more than 1,000 studies in 2011, the consensus report strongly stated that the evidence did not show a link between vaccines and autism. Vaccines do not cause any of these things and they should not be left out.

           Vaccines are a greater good than a bad. Vaccines prevent extremely harmful viruses and they are an extremely important thing to put on. These vaccines bring down infectious rates at a very fast rate. Vaccines have played a substantial role in reducing death rates. An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association compared the annual average number of cases and resulting deaths of various diseases before the introduction of vaccines. There were about 21,000 cases of the disease each year, 1,800 of them leading to death but after the introduction of the vaccines there were no cases or deaths from the disease in 2006. It is evident that they are very good and when people choose not to use them on their children or on themselves, they are putting  everyone else in danger.

              The only solution to this is not allowing people to refuse vaccines. These people put everyone else in a huge amount of danger and that is how diseases and viruses are spread rapidly. There has to be a way to not let them say no to vaccines. There has to be a law where if people don't have vaccines they have to get them or they go to jail and get a big fine, That is how viruses will stop being spread so rapidly and vaccines do not pose a threat to anybody.