Why Lcd Technology Creates The Best Video Wall Systems Possible

Video wall systems find application in a variety of situations. Every entity from military organisations to security companies to traffic control rooms, airport lounges, shopping malls, stadiums and even small business use these screens for getting their message out to people effectively and in better detail. Stock exchanges and traders depend heavily on these systems to display critical numbers and other data in detail to help personnel take decisions on their feet and make profits. Wherever there is a need for high end display systems and an uninterrupted flow of information, video walls will find their application.

But out of the many forms and types of video wall technology available in the current scenario, LCD systems seem to garner the most popularity and trust. In fact, many users regard them as the best video wall systems available. There are many reasons behind this general opinion amongst the community of video wall users. Let us understand the basic attributes that make LCD video walls better than its counterparts.

* LCD video wall systems are considered to be the most versatile of the options that are available in the market. Not only can these screens be directly mounted to walls but they can also be integrated to free standing cabinets which ensure their usage in a huge variety of applications.

* In conjunction with the above noted advantage, we also see LCD video walls to be extremely light and ultra thin. Therefore in cases where mounting space is a constraint, these systems tend to easily solve the problem. This is one of the major reasons why LCD video wall technology is frequently used in mission control rooms where adequate space might not always be available.

* LCD video walls are easy to use and extremely high on performance. Continuous, uninterrupted flow of images and data is made possible because of the dependability and reliability that this technology provides.

* LCD video wall systems are known to grow concurrently with the scale of operations you are currently dealing with. By partnering with a firm that offers control room consoles and video walls, you can choose from a variety of high-definition screen sizes and specifications. Customizations and modifications are never a problem with these systems.

* These systems have an integrated video processor and sound system. Powerful video wall processors form the brain of the system while the high end audio device installed become the voice, making effective communication of information as easy as cakewalk.

* You can add many other supporting electronics to the system as well. Everything from touchscreen panels to wireless mouses, keyboards and powerful control room processors can be integrated with the system, as and when the need arises.

* The most important ability that only LCD video walls are able to provide is the multi functional screen layout. You can combine many images at once on the displays and have the ability to place and size them and assign hot keys and save the layout for easy retrieval

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