Ciara's Personal Values

I value my education

I value my education because without it I wouldn't be able to make it anywhere in life to become as successful as I want to be.

I value my relationship with my boyfriend

I value my relationship with my boyfriend because he showed me how to love someone unconditional, and he's a very important part of my life. Without him always by my side I don't know where I would be today.  

I value music

I value music because music helps me get away from all of my problems, music helps me focus, and most of all it brings me joy throughout my day. When I listen to music I feel like I'm in my own world.

I value loyalty

I value my loyalty because once I put my trust and care to you I make sure my priority is to make sure I keep It real with you, love you, and always be there for you whenever you need need me.

I value my life

I value my life because I went through a lot of obstacles to get to where I am today, and my future will help me look back at where I started off. My life determines who I am in my life.

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