Damion Matinez

~The NBA is a pro league of the best of the best basketball players in the world. When you play with the pros its more than just a sport, its a job for you to help your team win games and win championships.

~The abilities you will need to be successful in this league comes in many different styles on how you play, but mainly on what you put on the stat sheets. You will definitely need to master the basics of basketball such as dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, speed, agility, etc.. Whatever you need to do as long as you bring big numbers in scoring, assisting and defending.

~You have to be a freshman in college before being drafted to the NBA and have to be passing all grades in order to be able to be drafted if your good enough.

~If you want to be noticed in college, you will need to aim for the big colleges in basketball such as Duke, Wisconsin, etc..

~you can choose what you want to do after retirement in the NBA and in that case a degree may be required depending on what your aiming for.  

~The NBA is more that just a sport, and in this case the only way for you to get better in this career you need to practice. It takes time to develop at your absolute best in the NBA .

~Depending on your draft pick, from 1-30 with 1 being the best, and the round you are picked from as a rookie your salary as a number 1 pick in the first round can range around $4,500,000 to 30th pick averaging $910,000.

~On the other hand, every year you gain about $1,000,000 more plus contacts and endorsements by shoe companies, beverages and even sporting attire.

~The NBA isn't just for anybody, only the ones who have the drive, discipline and  mindset to get through hours on practicing and still be hungry to find success in themselves, to dig deeper when times get tougher and to show how far they can push before the ball goes flat. Once that ball goes flat you have only your brain to rely on and that's where a cushion of education comes into play.

~In the U.S. there's only one league with 30 teams with over 3,000 colleges to be noticed in only 4 years.

~You can play in the NBA for as long as you want, but for most players they usually retire before they get any older than 45 due to the fatigue of the sport.

~Just the sport can appeal someones interest in basketball. In the NBA you are known as a city's team having great benefits such as being known as one of the greatest basketball players in the world and that comes with all the fame and fortune.

~college ball, D-League and many other related basketball activities can appreciate your skills in dunk competitions, being a video game animation model, etc..

~The NBA is a huge step to not just make it a sport but being paid to do what you love to do as a basketball player playing in a pro league with the best basketball players in the world.

~I definitely think this will be a career i will be soon possessing when i'm older, I am willing to give my all on and off the court to get me to the pros.

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