Luke Duckworth

March 24, 2015
memory moment

We get a flashback to a few years ago. Tyler and his dad are really close and get along. They enter and win win many father - son events. It serves as a contrast to the present where tyler's dad is very resentful of him because he spray painted the school, and was arrested. Tyler hates his father, because he hasn't been doing a good job of being a father. He didn't show up for the christmas photo. He never shows up when Tyler or his sister hannah gets injured.

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

Tyler has a huge crush on bethany milbury. He stares over and over how BEUTIFUL AND AMAZING SHE IS! And he is completely obsessed over her. He feels he should apologize for an accident that wasn't even his fault. WHEN, apologizing ho gets so far down on his knees his face is in the carpet. Even when he suspects she's using him, which he's
lucky she isn't, but even when he's suspecting it, he doesn't care

March 26, 2015
Tough Questions

Tyler is constantly questioning wherther or not he should kill himself. In 7th and 8th grade he although he knew he could get back at his bullies that way, he always thought things would get better. But with getting accused of a a crime he didn't commit and seeing life as a circle of misery, he starts to wonder if he should and he tries to. But when he can't find a painless, quick and clean deathhe decides to run away instead until his sister discovers him.

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