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for Advanced Surgery
with No Visible Scars

This past November, there was a small perception study which found that 93% of women were highly concerned about cosmetic issues, when it came to having a hysterectomy procedure.

Dr. Paul MacKoul, MD, of The Center for Innovative GYN Surgery, understands that the best treatments don’t just treat the condition, they treat the entre patient. This means employing the best techniques for safe and efficient surgeries that also allow patients to recover quickly, with little pain and no visible scars.

This is why the specialists at CIGC use DualPortGyn for even the most complex procedures. With DualPortGyn, our highly-trained surgeons create just two tiny incisions, one in the belly button and one on the bikini line, which allows them to have a complete view of the entire pelvic cavity and perform even the most complex surgeries. This minimally invasive technique, reduces blood-loss and leaves just a 1-2 week recovery period.

Do you want to find out more about our minimally invasive procedures that help you get back to being you, faster? Visiting our website, and book a consultation, today.