Civilian Space Travel

This is a horrible idea

Civilian space travel used to be just a dream but soon it could be a reality. This is not a good idea because Civilians do not have the proper skills to observe and teach us more about space, there are also many safety hazards in space and if civilians are not properly trained they wouldn’t know how to react in these situations, and if a civilian goes into space that’s taking an opportunity away from a trained astronaut who could teach us more about space and the universe itself.

First off civilians don’t have the proper skills to observe and teach us more about space. Why would we send an untrained civilian into space when we could send a trained scientist into space who bring back valuable knowledge? That just doesn’t make sense. Secondly why would we send these untrained civilians into space where they could be put at risk, and even if they were trained they still wouldn’t have the expertise of an astronaut. It just seems that sending an astronaut into space would be more productive than sending a civilian. Finally going into space is a once in a life time opportunity to a civilian as it is to an astronaut, and those astronauts are actually trained.

I do see that sending a civilian would be a once in a lifetime opportunity but the cons far outweigh the pros. But if we send an astronaut it would be an amazing experience for that astronaut and that trained astronaut could bring back valuable information.

It would a huge waste of resources, such as money and time, to send civilians into space. But it would be much more productive to send astronauts into space who could actually do something productive.

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