The Oil Spill

By Olivia and Selena

We approached the problem by figuring out what the easiest way to find the area of the entire shape was. So, we drew a lot of shapes especially tiny ones. We drew a variety of triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids and squares all of which were different in size.

The total area to our oil spill was 578.5 miles squared.

Our Work

First we drew all of the shapes and numbered them so it would be easier to figure out which ones we had already done. The next day we worked on finding the area until we realized that we did all the work wrong and had to start all over again (That was frustrating). But in the end we got an answer that was really close to the actual one.

Yes I think we should be worried. If the oil spill is almost 600 miles squared then that means everything that is living in that area is never going to recover entirely. Sure, BP has probably cleaned up their ego but what about cleaning up what made them dirty. We should always be worried and always try to do what we can to help.

Taking a second look at our polygons I think that we came really close to getting the exact measurements but I do not think we got it exactly correct.

I think that we had too many small polygons which probably results in our answer being too large. Especially since we had 28 sections.