Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

What is it?

- An infection caused by sexually transmitted bacterium

- Grows in the reproductive system (can also grow in the anus, eyes or throat)

Who is at Risk?

- The CDC estimates 820,000 people In the U.S have a new case of gonorrhea yearly

- 570,000 of these are 15-24 yr. olds

- Can affect males and females

- Can be passed to kids in childbirth from untreated mother

- Common among African Americans

Risks of Gonorrhea

- Can lead to....

- Infertility

- Still Birth

- Arthritis

Signs and Symptoms


- Painful urination

- discharge

- Pain or swelling in one testicle


- Increased discharge (may be discolored)

- Painful urination

- Vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods

- abdominal pain or pelvic pain

~ 4/5 women show no symptoms

~ 1/10 men show no symptoms

~ Often, symptoms are very mild

~ You can know if you have it for sure by getting a test from a doctor at a local clinic

Treatment / Prevention

- Antibiotics

- When babies are born, they put drops in their eyes to prevent them from getting it

- Prevented by using barriers during intercourse

Other Interesting facts

- Makes people more susceptible to aids

- Also known as the "Clap" or "Drip"

- Most commonly reported STD

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