9/11 The Twin Towers

It happened in New York City 9/11/2001. It was a normal day at the city. People walking around the sidewalk minding there own business when suddenly people started screaming as they look at the sky. A giant airplane crashed into one of the towers. People running for there lives as the tower soon tumble into the ground. The tower was on fire. These two towers are called the twin towers. The towers were also called the World Trade center. Most of the people inside the building died in the attack. Then the second tower tumble down too. People all over watched in horror as the news showed a video of the towers falling and being destroyed. As for president George W. Bush, he was visiting a school to read to the children when he got the call saying that the World Trade Center was destroyed. When he first got the news he was shocked. Firefighters tried to put out the fire but it was no use. All that was left is a big pile of rubble. The firefighters search in the rubble for any survivors but they found no one. Some firefighters were killed in the process as they were trying to save the people or got killed from the falling rubble. Families cried for hours as there loved ones past away that terrifying day. Some families try to hang up posters for there missing family member just in case he or she survived from the attack. Adults and even children died that day. Who would do such a thing to these people who done nothing wrong?Terrorists. They are the ones that done this. The terrorists somehow managed to get in the plane, kill the pilots, and risking there own life to destroy there target. The plane was supposed to destroy the pentagon but instead they hit the towers. What's next on there list? The STATUE OF LIBERTY??? Why would they do this? Is it because there anger and hatred on us??? People will never forget the day of the twin towers.