Putting It All Together

By Kenny Strobel

My Career Cluster Areas

Top Matching Career Areas

Business Management and Administration: They give support to help a business run. Might have to check employee time or train in new employees. Might even work as top executive and provide the direction for your business/company. Career examples are Accountants and Auditors, Budget Analysts and Chief Executives.

Marketing, Sales, and Services: Workers help businesses sell products. You might advertise and promote products so customers want to buy them. You might sell products and services to customer. Career examples are Advertising Sales agent, Bakers, and Barbers.

Finance: Keep track of money. Might work in financial planning, insurance, or banking. Some careers are brokerage clerks, billing and posting clerks and auto damage insurance appraisers.

Key Interest Areas: CES

Key Interest Areas:

C: Conventional are people who are organizers. They want everything organized and are very pleased to work with date and numbers.

They are organizers. Some personalty traits are that I am respectful, practical, persistent and orderly. Good at working with numbers. Also like having goals and deadlines. Some hobbies and career interest things will be that I like to be detailed oriented and working with data.

E: Enterprising: Very persuasive. They love being a leader and working with other people. Particularly enjoy influencing, persuading and performing.

Enterprising people are persuaders. Personality traits practical, reserved, persistent and curious at discovering new things. Prefer to work with tools and machinery. Good at solving problems. Hobbies and some career interest might be to build or fix things. Also to play sports because I like being active physically and doing outdoorsy stuff.

S: Social: Are people that are helpers. Like to work with people rather than alone. Good public speakers and enjoy helping others.

Social people are helpers. Some personality traits are that they are friendly cooperative, responsible, and enthusiastic. They prefer to work with people rather than alone. Hobbies might be teaching, curing, or counseling others. Like playing team sports.

Careers I would Consider:

Account and Author



My Personality Trait

My Personality Traits

E: Extravagant: I seek interaction, enjoy groups, enjoy a wide circle of friends, and do -think- do to name a few. My daily life I'm outing, enthusiastic and find it easy to talk to people. I also prefer to be where the action is. I also find listening difficult. As a learner I jump into assignments. I prefer a talkative environment. I get along with other extroverts because I like to hang out with them but I also understand if they need their space to hang with their other friends. I have to remember not to be alone to long and be aware of others talking.

S: Sensors: What describes me best is that I like to focus on what is real and actual. Pay attention to detail and rely on past experience. In my daily life I prefer to learn information through my eyes, ears and other senses to see what is happening. I also like describing things literally. Like exactly what time it is. For a learner I value perfect and accurate for my work. I prefer to know what is expected of me and having detailed and specific directions. How I get along with other sensors is that I prefer facts and examples. Also give step by step instructions. I have to remeber to play with my imagination and think about the meaning behind things.

F: Feelers: Describing me is that I am tender hearted, value harmony and compassionate and accepting and can be seen as overemotional. In my daily life I like to be appreciated and approved of. I also prefer to see other person's point of view. For a learner I like to feel accepted and for the teacher to value me as me. Getting along with other feelers, I need to let them know how much I appreciate them and don't use sarcasm.

J: Judging: What describes me is that I value structure and then tend to work now. Value punctuality and have deadlines. In my daily life I like have things decided. Have everything organized and am always on time. For a learner I like to complete projects ahead of time. Tend to view my work and prefer to hear comments on what I can do better.

Careers I would consider: Public administrator or health administrator.

My Strongest Skill Areas

My strongest skills: Are is my math skills, paragraph comprehension and mathematics knowledge where my strongest skill sets, Science and technical skills I did well on too.

Some careers I would consider: Pharmacists and Dentists. These jobs have a very high in demand and pay very good money for a long-term career.

My Most Important Values

My top 5 always value ones were: Job tranquility, Influencing people, Profit, Gain and Fun and Humor.

My top 5 often valued were: . Precision work, knowledge, exercise competence, excitement, security.

My top 5 sometimes valued: Challenging problems, work under pressue, challenge and variety, Community, time freedom.

Careers: I feel like really the fun and humor do for my dream to become a physical therapist but with other jobs that have been suggested to me like paralegal or high school/college administrator have nothing to do with fun and humor. So hopefully I fulfill my dream of becoming a physical therapist.

What I Learned about myself

I've learned with all the stuff that we have done about what influences me, how much all of my values mean to me and what type of environment I would like to work in. I've learned that if I want to choose a career, I have to choose it for me because in reality that's all that matters. This helped know what my personality is and how this will help me in the futrue about decding on a career.