Space Travel for Civilians?
By: Jack Kronstein

Space travel is for everyone! No, I don't think so. A trip to space would cost millions of dollars, and yes some people do have billions of dollars but, money does not grow on trees for everyone. Why should a civilian go to space over a person that has been training for 10 years? Just because this person has the money, they are not qualified to be shipped off to space without enough training. Let's be realistic here, a person that has been training for 10 years should take the opportunity to go to space over someone that has billions of dollars but, might not even know the order of the planets.

Every person has to worry about money in their lifetime so, why should a person throw money down the drain in order to see the planets around us. This money could be used to help people in need. For example, the money used to pay for a trip to space could instead be used to help a person stuck on the streets or someone without health care that has to pay for an expensive surgery.

About 5% of people that graduate college with a degree in space end up being astronauts and about 1% of astronauts go to space. This means about 600 people have ever been into space. Now, a regular civilian should not allowed to go to space over 99% of the astronauts because they pay high prices and have no training. Most astronauts spend 5-10 years training rather than civilians that spend 2-6 months training. If a billionaire wants to go to space, they should train for at least a couple of years.

Other people believe that civilians should be sent to space because that they have the money and want a once in a lifetime experience. These people are taking opportunities away from a person that has studied space almost their whole life, this has to change! If that person has never picked up an astronomy or physics book in their lifetime there is no way they should be allowed in space.

Space travel for civilians is a glaring issue that must be addressed sooner rather than later. I do not think civilians should be sent to space just because they pay a significant sum of money, have little to no training, and they would take opportunities from astronauts that are actually studying

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