Ferdinando Magellan

The Age Of Exploration

He is the person who sailed around the Earth.

He's name is Ferdinando Magellan and he is the sailor, and navigator of the sea. The First country that he worked is called India, and he worked 7 years in India, and the reason that he works in India, are the King, and the Queen hired him to work in the India. He discovered the new things in India, and he found the transactional informations about the perfumes, and he came back to the Portigal in 12 yers.

Unfortunatly, he lost his family in 9 yeras old, and his family was low class noble. He was solider that helps the king to be safe, but he had the illegal deal, so the king got really disappointed to him, and he got fired.

  • Entry 1: Today is the lastay that I'm going to begin my works in India, and I'm really nervouse, and I'm feeling excited too. And I'm going to finish my work soon, because I almost got the information about the transactional between the other countries.

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